Alkaline Water Stick

Alkaline Stick Product Detail

Alkaline stick offers you the best solution for a convenient and cost-effective way to produce alkaline water.

Q. What is alkaline stick made of ?

A. Alkaline stick is made up of several types of bio ceramic balls which are made from natural minerals which are housed in a stainless steel tube which has many pores in it

Q. How is alkaline stick used ?

A. To create alkaline, anti-oxidant water with your alkaline stick is very simple, just keep stick in a glass filled with water and leave for 5 mins.
As you suspend the stick inside the water, minerals react with your water, results in increase of alkaline level in the water and produces active hydrogen.
The natural minerals emit far infrared energy as well which has beneficial effect on the water as well.

Q. How long can it be used ?

A. The capacity of alkaline stick is 3000 litres of water. It can easily last one full year.

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Benefits of Alkaline Water Stick

  • It can raise ph level of water from 7.5-9 which is very healthy for drinking.
  • Alkaline water can increase the body's immune system to prevent various diseases.
  • Alkaline water is rich in minerals, such as Ca, Ma, k and Na.
  • Detox body from toxic chemicals which we consume in day to day from tobacco, alcohol.
  • Removes chlorine and heavy metals from body.
  • Hydrates the body.
  • Slow down aging.
  • Water rich in anti-oxidants, minerals.
  • Great for kidney and liver.
  • scavenge up free radicals.
  • Boost up mental stability.
  • Strong solubility, and long terms drinking can prevent the renal calculus.
  • Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels, eliminate the dysphoria. Cure acidosis, rectify the acidic constitution.
  • This product can decrease the size of water molecule clusters which improves controlling harmful active oxygen and improves nutrient absorption.
  • Promotes weight loss.