Disease Diagnose Machine

Digital Diagnoses & Therapy Machine Detail

  • Product Name --- Digital Diagnoses & Therapy Machine
  • Model No. --- HS 2008E
  • Power supply --- 4pcs DC1.5V 5# batteries or 18V adapter
  • Output frequency --- 1-330HZ
  • Output Max power --- 50MA(load resistance 1K)
  • Machine dimension --- L: 23.8cm W: 16.8cm H: 3.8cm
  • Weight: --- 540 g
  • Packaging: --- Gift Box
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    Digital Diagnoses & Therapy Machine Function

    Apply the high tech microelectronic technology, digitize the human body palm's illness characteristic on the large LCD display, simple operation, direct perspicuous view, can be called the high tech common people's model product.

    According to the result of the diagnoses, choose the therapy mode and body points to therapy refering the usage manual. It has the completely independent double channels, 8 kind of pulse treatment modes, and 2 heat channels therapy mode. Can be used by 4 people at the same time, very valuable.

    Domestic origination large color LCD display, the screen shows vividly, the palms picture with all body points shows clearly, make people feel comfortable and easy for use.

    Marvelous pulse wave combination, make people have actual feeling of Acupuncture, Stroke, Massage, Manipulation, Cupping, Scrapping.

    Use infrared electrode pads, the cover area is larger, the effect is more remarkable and lasting.