Fruit Vegetable Purifier / Ozonizer

Fruit vegetable Ozonizer / Purifier Detail

  • Immediately remove 80% to 95% pesticides / Chemicals from Vegetables.It creates free radicals that break chemical bonds in an oxidative chain reaction, usually as a means to kill bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Antibiotics & hormones from meats and vegetables.
  • Kills 99% living micro-organism, viruses, germs in the meat, vegetable and fruits.
  • Preserve food's freshness- Sterilize, kitchen utensils, baby bottle.
  • Sterilizer water for facial purposes ( Skin Whitening).
  • Treatments to skin diseases.
  • Ozonized Water used for Battery and sterilizing Medical Instruments.
  • Removes Bad Smell From Air.
  • Sterilizer, disinfects, deodorizes and preserve freshness
  • User friendly (plug into the power point, put the silicone tube into that food filled with water, set the timer and it will stop automatically when the time it up)
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